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The cat that hid behind the elephant

July 10, 2016 Leave a comment
The cat retrieved

The cat retrieved

Not a real elephant – just the water storage tank we call the blue elephant.

I found Galileo barking down the narrow gap between the tank and the wall and shone a torch in there.

A cat looked back at me.

In the photo the neighbour, also Giovanni’s girlfriend, holds her cat after enticing it out.


December 11, 2015 Leave a comment
Loving every minute of it

Loving every minute of it

Our beautiful white dog, Taylor, sometimes cuts a lonely figure.

The dog that died last April, Joules, was his constant companion so he must still miss him.

Joules used to sit on the lip of land at the edge of the courtyard, barking back and forth to distant dogs – Radio Joules we called it. Taylor seems to have gathered his own circle because the instant the sensor light comes on when he emerges at night, there’s a burst of doggie greetings – or challenges, perhaps.

Galileo, our youngest, is a whole different kettle of fish. For one thing he never broadcasts to the world because Bad People might come and get him.

His relationship with Taylor is close but complex. Sometimes he cowers from him, detecting ill humour, while other times he teases and goads him with all the energy and inventiveness of the most tiresome of little brothers. Taylor’s expression shows just what he thinks about it.

Come and get it

January 1, 2013 Leave a comment
Kepler teasing Joules 2

Want it?

This morning Joules was barking excitedly in the field and I thought he might have cornered some small animal. I put  my bare feet into wellies and went to investigate.

I soon realised what was happening. Kepler had a white ball – which I recognised as a piece of frozen bread – and was tempting Joules to grab it but then making off with it before he could.

Chase me then!

Chase me then!

Kepler is very good at this game, and had me playing along until I swung my camera at him and distracted him just long enough for him not to be able to grab the bread before he ran off.

I was a spoilsport and confiscated the bread, although Kepler made a couple of lunges at it as I carried it into the house.

Joules was very happy with my intervention.

Can't have it.

Whose side is she on?

My offer of ‘Come and get it’ is much more genuine.

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Monster log

September 15, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m calling it a monster log not so much because of its size, although it’s pretty big, but because of Kepler’s reaction to it.

This morning I heard him barking and barking at something so I went to investigate, and there was a sizeable log lying across our drive.

I guess it must have dislodged itself in the woodland above, perhaps some way up, and crashed down through the undergrowth before reaching its resting place.

No wonder Kepler was startled; he probably thought it was alive. He calmed down when I went up to it and rolled it, with some difficulty, under the strawberry tree so it wouldn’t be in the way of the car.

The log, now tucked under the strawberry tree

Just as I finished, presumably entirely by coincidence, 3 hunters came along the drive, 2 of them dressed in camouflage gear and in a car, and the third on foot. The one on foot told me they plan to hunt hares across our land tomorrow afternoon and could I therefore keep our dogs in.

I pointed Kepler out to him, asking him to please recognise him and be aware of him because it’s not always possible to get him to come in. I’m not sure he paid much attention, but he did say something interesting, which is that our neighbour (the one with the maremmano, Joules’ girlfriend) refuses to co-operate with the request to confine his dogs, saying he has nowhere to put them. Strange. Probably some form of rural politics.


February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

A 'pack moment' at home (Joules is looking towards the neighbours)

‘Dogsick’ describes the way I feel when we drop the dogs off at the kennels.

There are always other dogs barking, and quantities of cats sneaking along under the hedges. At first our dogs are so distracted that they don’t cotton on to their imminent abandonment, but when they do, they have very individual reactions.

This time Joules gazed imploringly at me with huge brown eyes and tried to climb up my legs. Taylor stood across the gate that barred the way back to the car and tried to leave when I did. Kepler, on the other hand, took it upon himself to defend everyone from the dogs in the next-door enclosure. He was so busy barking that he didn’t see me go.

They’ll be fine when they settle in, but I’ll be counting the minutes till I can pick them up again.