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Couch potato

June 14, 2016 Leave a comment
Cosier than this ...

Cosier than this …

Galileo is addicted to the sofa.

I’m not sure he’d get up there if I made it clear he mustn’t, but I can’t help feeling he’d suffer emotional damage if refused such a safe and comfortable refuge.

Same with the bed.

But here he’s all set with the tv remote controls. The one thing lacking is a take-away pizza.


New view

May 2, 2016 Leave a comment
Clive's new view

Clive’s new view

We had a big reorganisation today.

Clive’s hospital-style bed, instead of being in front of the stove, is now in the next-door room adjacent to a bathroom.

He will sit there of a morning, writing on his laptop.

I’m quite envious. He has one of the best downstairs views, of roses and peach trees with Mount Subasio beyond.


March 14, 2016 Leave a comment
A grey new world

A grey new world

Distinctly dystopian, but in fact just Clive’s bed on its side having its electrics repaired for the second time. The flames behind are in the stove.


February 23, 2016 Leave a comment
Reflection and reality

Reflection and reality

Clive was back in the kitchen this morning, but instead of using his walker as before, this time he pushed an ordinary chair in front of him.

He doesn’t feel safe with the walker. The brakes consist of little flaps which supposedly grip the tyres, but the tyres have less tread on them than a snakeskin. Wheelchair ditto.

The bed will now only go down but not up, and the arm that projects over the head of the bed has come out of its bracket.

Nonetheless, Clive is getting new views and perspectives every day, and so am I. Today, sitting in an unaccustomed place at the kitchen table, I noticed that the view reflected in the kitchen door glass looked like it was the continuation of the actual view in the doorway. Even to the mountain slopes matching up!

It’s Christmas!

February 17, 2016 3 comments
Shiny new toys

Shiny new toys

This is what the room looked like yesterday before even the bed and the hoist arrived.

Our hundred-square-metre room looks like a furniture store where the new lot of furniture arrived before the old lot was sold.

The main victim, apart from Galileo who was terrified, was the grapefruit tree which had to be moved back and forth and was knocked into mercilessly.

When everything had been assembled, Clive rose from his sofa like Venus on her scallop shell (correction: not quite like Venus), swivelled and ensconced himself in the wheelchair from where, after propelling himself across the floor, he used the hoist as a hand-hold to swing himself onto the bed – and then back into the wheelchair!

It’s like a little revolution has happened.

Raindrop on rosehip

February 15, 2016 Leave a comment
Rosehip after rain

Rosehip after rain

The wet weather continues. We’ve had hail, sleet and a thunderstorm and just about everything in between.

Every so often the rain stops and the sun comes out, shining through the rows of droplets on all the stems and twigs.

This rosehip, well polished by the wet, has the usual little water-shadow. In this case it looks like a gas flame.

I do like Raindrops on Rosehips (or Roses), and Whiskers on Kittens. I also like Brown Paper Packages Tied up with Strings particularly if they have pieces of bed in them.

No such luck. The bed that should have been delivered today has not arrived.

Cosy nights

March 25, 2013 2 comments

Before I get into bed, I always check on Galileo, who sleeps on the carpet on Clive’s side next to Joules.

It’s not that I expect him to be anything other than supremely comfortable.

It’s just that some of his poses are so cute.

Here he’s made himself the perfect little nest in his blanket and is curled up as tight as a snail.

Galileo curled up in his blanket

Galileo curled up in his blanket

Here he’s on his back, squirming with pleasure at the warmth of Joules’ fur, while Joules himself is out for the count!

Galileo wriggling beside Joules

Galileo on his back beside Joules