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Cold day, warm cat

November 24, 2012 3 comments

The warmth-seeking cat

Clive had company while I was in the fruit and veg shop. He took this photo through the windscreen.

A warm bonnet is a great attraction on a foggy morning.

It’s ironic because Clive got so cold sitting in the car (he has difficulty regulating his body temperature) that he’s ended up with a fever this evening.

I’m quite sure the cat had no similar problems.


Kepler and the mouse

September 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Kepler with a mouse

Kepler is the perfect hunter.

He must have seen the mouse in the flowerbed at the top of  the wall at the same time as Clive and I did.

He made his unhurried way there, and after one deft move in the dwarf rosebush, he emerged with the little creature dangling from his jaw.

I had no intention of trying to rescue it because much as my instincts are for the victim, I’d rather mice were in Kepler’s mouth than in the bonnet of our car.

Showing its teeth

February 5, 2012 Leave a comment

We have no garage so our car is always out in the open.

Fortunately it’s in a relatively sheltered angle of the house, protected from northerly and easterly winds which are the worst.

All the same, it has a rough time of it and is showing its teeth in a grimace to prove it.

The car's teeth and little goatee beard

We run the engine for a short while every day, and hope that it won’t seize up.

It it does, we have an additional problem because the opening mechanism of the bonnet is very dodgy. A local garage has said they’ll repair it, but they’ve asked to keep the car for a whole morning and that would mean yours truly sitting in the nearby Bar for the duration since there’s no alternative transport home.

I’ve no objection, but there are always other things taking priority.