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December 29, 2016 Leave a comment
The very picture of cunning

The very picture of cunning

There’s a much-used Italian word – ‘furbo’ (feminine form ‘furba’) which means sly or smart depending on the context.

It’s basically what Florence is, as demonstrated by the photo.

She was due this morning to be sterilised, but the only way to get her into the car is to bribe her to jump up with a bowl of food.

Since she had to have an empty stomach for her operation, this device wasn’t possible.

So what happened? She saw straight through all my pretences, flatly refused to co-operate, and we had to cancel.


Deer leg

September 17, 2016 Leave a comment
Florence's grisly trophy

Partially stripped front leg of a deer

Always assuming there’s just one carcase, Florence’s grisly trophy leaves no doubt about the species the jaw bone belonged to.

I saw her chewing at what was obviously a great prize because she kept retreating with it in her mouth, guessing rightly I would try to take it away from her.

It took half a bowl of food as a bribe to get her to abandon it.

I put it on the windowsill to photograph it and she hadn’t worked out where it was by the time I put it in the bin.

I dare say more bits will appear over time, but hunting for the whole body would likely be fruitless because there’s such a big area it could be in.