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February 24, 2016 Leave a comment
Blossom on the Santa Rosa plum tree

Blossom on the Santa Rosa plum tree

Today we had visits from a couple of technicians to put right the various problems with the equipment.

A female rehabilitation doctor also arrived with a massive entourage. They crowded in the doorway, too many to count, and since Clive always moves like an orang-utan from hand-hold to hand-hold under his own steam, he could see little point in their presence and asked that they wait outside.

Which they did, chatting and smoking, thick on the ground as the buds in the photo.

Only one gorilla-like male came in, once, to move our own pole which Clive needed to raise himself from the sofa – where he’d taken refuge late last night after the bed finally gave up the ghost.

Slow food

May 3, 2013 Leave a comment
'Slow food' in action

The ladybird at work

Passing by a rose bush, I noticed that some of the buds had white fly on them.

A squirt in time saves nine, I thought, so I fetched the insecticide.

As I stood there with the canister poised,  a ladybird caught my eye on one of the buds.

As far as I could see, it was eating the white fly. In other words, doing the job for me.

It was mighty slow about it, though. As dusk fell it was still on the same bud; in fact still on the same side of the same bud.

Well, they say eating slowly is good for you – I hope it enjoyed its meal!

Part of its sum

April 22, 2013 Leave a comment
Single wisteria flower against a backdrop of its leaves

Single wisteria flower against a backdrop of its leaves

The photo shows a single pea-type flower bud which is just opening at the top of a wisteria tress.

Wisteria tresses can be quite magnificent – more than the sum of their parts, you might say.

But I’m very fond of the part; in fact, I think I prefer it to the sum!

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Will we ever get a grapefruit?

April 20, 2013 5 comments
On the way to getting a grapefruit

On the way to getting a grapefruit

Last year our little pip-grown grapefruit tree suddenly grew a dramatic vertical spike.

I believe it might be what you call a water shoot.

Well, after much reluctance and procrastination, I finally did the terrible deed and cut it off level with the rest of the tree in the hope that it would bush out and stop looking like a giraffe.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ve been vindicated because tiny buds have appeared in the axils of the leaves at the top of the remaining spike.

The photo shows the topmost one.

Nectarine blossom

March 24, 2013 Leave a comment


A fortnight ago the first pink appeared on the nectarine buds.

I’ve been watching ever since as the pink part got bigger and bigger but stayed resolutely closed.

Then suddenly this evening the first flower opened.

In fact it opened as I watched it.

I know because I took a photo, then decided to take another, and already the bloom was almost unrecognisable!


Fully open a few minutes later