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Butterfly corner

July 8, 2016 Leave a comment
All blues and purples

All blues and purples

This is the ‘butterfly’ corner of the garden: lavender, buddleia, cupid’s darts, oregano and hibiscus.

Blue and purple are actually more ‘bee’ colours and there are lots of bees as well, all extremely busy.

I didn’t mean to concentrate the colours like that – it happened by accident.

Anyway the butterflies love it. When you brush past, up they fly in a cloud around you like something out of a dream.

Fritillary butterfly

July 12, 2013 4 comments
Some kind of fritillary

Some kind of fritillary

Standing among buddleia and lavender, I feel like a butterfly charmer.

They’re everywhere, alighting or taking wing, twirling, bouncing, dancing round my head.

The heavy honey scent of the buddleia must draw them although the lavender is just as popular.

One butterfly I couldn’t identify with certainty; it drove me crazy.

While most butterflies delight in fobbing you off with their drabber underside, this one was very reluctant to show it and of course it’s the only way to tell the exact species.

In the end I concluded it was a Silver-Washed Fritillary, the only fritillary to have streaks rather than blotches of a paler colour on its underside.

It’s a strong flier and often glides swiftly and high up, which must be why it led me such a dance.

Tantalising glimpse of an underside

Tantalising glimpse of an underside

August break

August 12, 2012 2 comments

The flowers I managed to find

By August break I don’t mean a holiday, but the lean patch which the garden always undergoes at this time of year.

Perhaps I should say ‘green patch’, because after all the colours of May, June and July, the garden is now predominantly green (and would have been brown if we hadn’t watered it).

The roses are between bloomings. The lavender is over. The buddleia is nearly over. The hibiscus is still largely in bud.

In honour of a guest coming tomorrow, I wanted a vase of flowers on the table and this little nosegay more-or-less wiped us out.

Scarce Swallowtail

July 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Scarce swallowtail butterfly on lavender

There are lots of these slow-flying, graceful butterflies around at the moment. They particularly like visiting lavender and buddleia.

The caterpillars eat hawthorn leaves, apparently, unlike those of the other swallowtail butterfly which feed on fennel.

‘Scarce’ is a part of the name, although it seems they are generally quite rare.

I’ve taken loads of photos but I particularly like this one because of the symmetry of the actual swallow tail around the lavender stem – like a hairslide or something!

Sweet peas

May 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Sweet pea flower with the light shining through it

We grew some sweet peas from seed a couple of years back and planted them at the foot of pieces of wire netting in the garden.

Since then, they’ve seeded and sprouted everywhere except where the wire netting is.

They’re all among the long grass, preventing me from strimming it as I will never knowingly cut down a sweet pea.

They try to link tendrils across the path, thus making it impossible to walk down, and I have to keep thrusting them back.

They peep up through roses and buddleias, introducing their own colour.

They’re all sorts of colours: white, pale pink, deeper pink, orangey pink, mauve, purple and – as in the photo – deep red (what you might call ‘wine dark’).

The best thing about them is their scent, which greets you in great blasts as you move round the garden.

I keep thinking I ought to cut some for the house, but I love them where they are!