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Making mortal jumps

November 23, 2016 2 comments
A very young Florence making a 'mortal jump'

A very young Florence about to jump

The Italian ‘fare salti mortali’ (literally: making mortal jumps, or somersaults) means ‘moving heaven and earth’.

We did just that, and some, so we could go to the hospital on Friday morning for Clive to have his catheter checked with a view to possible chemotherapy.

Then this morning the hospital phoned and cancelled – no reason and no new appointment.

I honestly don’t know how many more mortal jumps are in me.



December 9, 2015 Leave a comment
The origin of the spring

The origin of the spring

Clive’s admission to the Rehabilitation Centre has been permanently cancelled owing to erroneous factual information being imparted to them by a mysterious third party. I haven’t been able to find out the identity of the third party, nor ascertain why they were given more credence than both the official report and my contradiction.

I spent all morning on the phone, and finally went for a walk in the afternoon.

One of the pleasures or annoyances (depending on how you view it) of going for a walk on your own land is that you inevitably find something to fix.

In this case it was the pipe which emerges from a little stone building cut into the hillside. It conducts water from the spring through various tubes and structures as far as the pond.

It’s possible I left one of the screw fittings loose to mitigate the onward flow last winter, but it’s also possible that a hunter wanted to give his dog some water and filled the little stainless steel bowl there.

In any case, there was a continuous stream of water coming out from the fitting, and the lime scale caked on the thread made it difficult to screw up tight. I spent some time on the case, and seem to have reduced the stream to a drip!

Putting up the shed

February 25, 2013 Leave a comment

This is what it was like this morning.

Morning snow

Morning snow








But having cancelled putting up the shed due to rain on Saturday, the men – 2 Albanians – decided to go for it today.

This is them taking the first few steps.

The first steps

The first steps


And this is it nearly finished – just a few problems to iron out.

Finishing touches

Getting towards the end

Calm blue mountain

February 10, 2012 1 comment

View from the house over Monte Subasio

I needed the serenity of this view today when I once again ran into Italian bureaucracy.

I went into the Pharmacy today to remake an appointment (cancelled because of the snow) for a check-up of my glaucoma, and was surprised to be told that it wasn’t possible unless I paid the full fee.

The reason was that  in December new rules came in regarding exemption from fees under the National Health.

In order to be exempt from fees, I have to proceed as follows:

  • take identity documents to the Health Administration Centre and collect a form
  • fill out the form
  • take the form to the doctor who will enter the details on the computer
  • ask the doctor for a prescription for an appointment with the appropriate code on it
  • return to the Pharmacy and make a new appointment.

The fact that I just wanted an appointment to replace a cancelled one made no difference.

I’m supposed to have a check-up every 3 months, and even if I make an appointment for the earliest date offered as soon as I have had the last one, the waiting time usually makes for another 3-month interval.

With this multi-step procedure to undergo, probably delayed by severe weather which is due to set in tomorrow, there will be an interval of at least 7 or 8 months.

Not ideal. But then bureaucracy never does spare a thought for anything outside of itself.