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Miniature chicory

July 16, 2016 3 comments
Chicory growing flat to the ground

Chicory growing flat to the ground

Where the grass is short and trampled, chicory is still growing.

Instead of being a tough, wiry plant a couple of feet high, it hugs the ground.

It’s like a sky-blue pattern of daisy-flowers on a carpet.


Golden light across the path

June 17, 2016 Leave a comment
Golden light across the path

Setting off with Galileo ahead

For the second time this year, Giovanni has strimmed the track that goes in a circle round a large part of our land.

It’s like a long green carpet, lit here by the last rays of the sun.

The dogs love going round; I only had to go once for them to wait and watch for a repeat of the adventure.


First primroses

February 26, 2016 Leave a comment
First sign of Spring

A real sign of Spring

Beside the track at the top of the orchard, driving quickly past I thought I saw a primrose.

It looked like just the one, half way up a muddy bank.

But when I went to have a proper look later on, I found dozens of blooms.

I wouldn’t say the place was exactly carpeted, but it was lovely to see that the plants are spreading.

I grabbed a quick photo because it was just starting to rain.

Cosy nights

March 25, 2013 2 comments

Before I get into bed, I always check on Galileo, who sleeps on the carpet on Clive’s side next to Joules.

It’s not that I expect him to be anything other than supremely comfortable.

It’s just that some of his poses are so cute.

Here he’s made himself the perfect little nest in his blanket and is curled up as tight as a snail.

Galileo curled up in his blanket

Galileo curled up in his blanket

Here he’s on his back, squirming with pleasure at the warmth of Joules’ fur, while Joules himself is out for the count!

Galileo wriggling beside Joules

Galileo on his back beside Joules