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Water control

February 14, 2016 Leave a comment
Jewels of water

Jewels of water

The rainstorm today brought forth water everywhere: seeping in a lake under the front door, cascading from the blocked gutters, creeping in through the one little window we had open …

When it finally stopped and I thought I would do a tour of inspection, I had only to put an ear out the door to hear, three hundred yards away, the thunder of water pouring from the pipe under the road into the little rocky stream that normally has virtually nothing in it. The ravine at the foot of our land was loud with waterfalls as well.

The water tank into which our spring is channelled was overflowing, but instead of the water going down the roof tiles I’ve put there for it, it had invented its own course and was flowing in a merry torrent all the way down the bank. So I moved the top tiles to collect the start of the stream, connected them on to the original channel, then cleaned out the dead leaves in the rest of the run. It was one of those instances when something works and you go away quickly so as not to see when it stops.

I love predictable, controlled sounds of water. Also very small amounts of water – like the drops in the photo.

Water channel

April 4, 2013 Leave a comment
Long waterfall taking the escape water away

The waterfall taking the escape water away

With all the recent rain, the spring is still flowing abundantly.

Today Chokri and I overhauled my Japanese water cascade so that the bulk of the water escaping from the blue pig runs right away.

First we took out one section of the pipe that goes into the blue pig, and sent the water directly from the broad pipe into the top, wrapping a piece of tarpaulin round it to prevent debris going in.

Joules and Galileo drinking - updated

Two redheads drinking

Then we built a snake of roof tiles, weaving in and out of the violets, down to the foot of the bank.

At the end of the channel we put a tray for the dogs to drink out of.

It wasn’t long before we had our first customers.

Japanese water cascade

March 13, 2013 1 comment
Japanese garden by blue pig

The Japanese-style cascade

Last night, just as we were about to go to bed, I happened to notice a different note to the water that always escapes from the blue pig water tank when the spring is running abundantly.

I checked the pipe that goes into the pond: nothing was coming out so the connection had to be broken.

While Clive leaned out of the bathroom window holding a torch for me, I put together the two separated parts of the 10 cm diameter pipe and directed the immensely strong flow of water down the proper channel, securing one side of the pipe with wire attached to a screw in the trunk of an oak tree.

This morning, I found my bodge job had held so far and the water was running through to the pond.

However the normal escape water was still saturating the soil at the foot of the blue pig and needed to be led away.

So I constructed a mini Japanese-type water cascade using old roof tiles – very rough but, if none of its elements slip, effective.

If the spring was abundant for a larger proportion of the year, I’d love to do a proper job – but preferably not propped on a slippery bank in the rain!