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Tidal wave

April 17, 2013 4 comments
No room to tread

Evergreen clematis in full bloom

The cold, wet weather may have meant there’s no blossom at all on some of the apple trees, but it didn’t hamper this clematis.

The photo is of the inside of the balustrade, where the fronds have pushed through like a tidal wave.

It’s difficult to imagine where any more blossoms might be fitted in!

The perfume, which is extremely heady, practically knocks you out when you go near.

The flowers remind me of the little white plastic crosses which Chokri has been using to space tiles with.


A ladybird wakes from hibernation

March 27, 2013 Leave a comment
A ladybird in the axle of a clematis twig

A ladybird emerging

This ladybird had a good spot to hibernate in, tucked in the axle of a clematis stem.

It was just stirring sleepily when I saw it.

It will have felt the warmth of the sun, like the fat flower buds around it which will open soon.

Evergreen clematis

March 26, 2012 Leave a comment

This clematis was recommended to me by a local Garden Centre as being robust, attractive and beautifully scented as well as evergreen.

I had my doubts at the time because I thought – white clematis on a white balustrade? Won’t that look rather anemic?

But I’m very glad I took their advice because the plant has lived up to all expectations.

As I squatted down to take the photo, the honey scent of the flowers was so powerful that it nearly knocked me over.