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Clothes moth larva

July 28, 2016 Leave a comment
In its own woolly pully

In its own woolly pully

Sorting through some clothes that had been in a box behind the wardrobe, out fell what I thought at first were dead clothes moths.

We looked at several under the microscope and they turned out to consist of little rolls of wool fibres.

Suddenly a head popped out of one of them, followed by a Slinky-like body which retracted as soon as we touched it.

It seemed to have a head the other end as well, but that must have been the tail. It moved by dragging its wool roll along.

All unknown to us, we’d been harbouring Case Bearing Clothes Moths whose larvae had been making little tubes out of our clothes.

The Italian woman’s burden

September 28, 2012 10 comments

Angela’s been telling me about a ritual practised by Italian women. It’s called the ‘Cambio di Stagione’ which means ‘Change of Season’ and it basically consists of moving over from the summer wardrobe to the winter wardrobe or vice versa.

To a British woman who might wear tracksuit bottoms equally on a summer’s evening and a winter’s day, and who often builds up warmth in layers, this seems unduly rigid.

Fur coat I’ve inherited but never worn

And it is rigid. Colourful summer clothes have to be washed, ironed and packed away, possibly into suitcases if there isn’t enough wardrobe space, and dark winter clothes brought out. It usually takes place over a single hectic weekend.

It’s not only the clothes, but also shoes, boots, belts, scarves, jewellery – all accessorised and matched so that they belong with either one season or the other.

There’s even a set day – Saint Lucy’s Day, 13th December – after which furs can be worn.

It makes me think of the adage of whether one eats to live, or lives to eat. For the most part I wear clothes in order to be warm, decent and a little bit colourful and not much else!