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Blue sky and dappled shade

January 30, 2013 2 comments

After the rain it seems hard to believe that the sky can be this colour, with not a cloud in sight.

Blue sky above our roof

Blue sky over the roof

We sat outside for lunch today, and Galileo got in some serious exploring.

Galileo camouflaged in the patchy shade

Galileo camouflaged in the dappled shade

Dark cloud

September 21, 2012 Leave a comment

The black news continues from yesterday with Clive discovering that the Windows Live Mail ‘export’ function doesn’t work properly and therefore the email which he thought he’d backed up securely hasn’t been saved.

That means that it isn’t just a week of emails he’s lost since the last back-up, but a whole year.

Ironically, the only folder which Windows Live Mail feels inspired to save is the ‘Deleted’ folder.

Ironically again, the weather is wonderful: somehow both golden and crisp, contrasting with the dark cloud which seems to be following us about.

There are even big splashes of sunshine in the orchard, where the yellow toadflax has spread.

One of the patches of yellow toadflax in the orchard



No rain

July 29, 2012 Leave a comment

A dramatic cloud formation

It’s amazing what lengths the weather will go to not to rain.

Today I was swimming and there was thunder grumbling all round the horizon. It was like some sort of cosmic stage in between acts, with the scenery being switched behind the curtains.

White clouds kept puffing up and up and then they’d split off and dissipate into the blue sky.

Some places will have had rain.

We had what they call here ‘four drops’. I felt it on my skin when I was out picking the last of the Dragon’s Blood plums.

It certainly didn’t constitute a break in the drought.

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Confused by the weather change

July 25, 2012 2 comments

The hot, dry weather which has lasted for more than a month has now given way to wind, cloud and intermittent soft, drizzly rain.

Having longed for this change for the sake of the plants, I now find I’m nostalgic for bright sun and penetrating heat. I’m never satisfied!

Long-lasting chicory flowers

There’s one plant which has changed its habits completely since the weather change.

In hot weather, chicory flowers shrivel up and die within a few hours of opening. In this sort of weather, they stay open all day.

This photo, of a dwarf plant growing in the middle of the drive, was taken in the afternoon.