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New beginnings

December 31, 2016 10 comments
A grapefruit shoot reaches out across the face of the pool timber

A grapefruit shoot reaches across the pool timbers

This will almost certainly be my last post on ‘Living in Italy’.

On Monday 2nd January 2017 we will be committing to the sale of our house, mainly for health reasons.

I wish to say how much I’ve appreciated the companionship of my readers, and above all those I’ve heard from regularly. You know who you are and I will not forget you.

The grapefruit tree has chosen this moment to send out dozens of new shoots, just as we have to leave it behind, but we hope that it foreshadows new beginnings.


Dark prince

September 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Portrait of Kepler

This photo is of a far too rare sight.

We feed Kepler, give him a warm place to sleep and companionship both human and canine, take him to the vet when necessary, and love him dearly in my case.

However he spends almost all the daylight hours attending his great big blonde Maremmano girlfriend. (If you don’t know the breed, imagine a large, very heavily-built, near-white golden retriever.)

She’s about 3 times his size. She calls to him across the 300 metres between our house and the neighbour’s every morning, and she’s still calling to him after dark when he’s wondering which is more important – her or his evening meal.

I think of him as a lithe, dark prince racing over difficult terrain to satisfy every whim of his spoilt lady.

I’m sure she’d wear this photo in a locket round her neck if she was able.