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Rocciata with custard

October 31, 2016 Leave a comment
Italian rocciata, English custard

Italian rocciata, English custard

This is piece of the ‘rocciata’ which our neighbour gave us.

Here I’ve served it with custard.

Rocciata is a delicious treat typical of All Hallows and All Saints.


Easter fare

March 30, 2013 Leave a comment
Mincemeat tart and custard to go with it

Mincemeat tart and custard to go with it

This lattice tart, our version of Easter fare, is made with port and cranberry mincemeat.

It’s even nicer than ordinary mincemeat (which is nice enough) – I know because I licked out the jar.

I can’t wait to tuck into the tart itself, and the custard to accompany it.

“I’m a cook not a chef,” Clive keeps insisting; much more suitable as far as I’m concerned!