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Violets are blue, rivers are green

March 31, 2013 Leave a comment
Violets with the river in the background

Violets with the river in the background

Snatching our moment between showers and storms, we went down to the River Topino, which runs through the valley below our house.

The river was a swollen torrent of opaque, greenish water.

Clive spent his time considering how he would work out the flow rate using Pooh sticks.

I walked along the bank with Galileo and found violets growing in great expanses round the boles of the poplar trees.

It was a strange contrast: the turbulence of the current and the sweet-scented delicacy of the flowers.



December 12, 2012 2 comments
Frosty leaf

Frosty leaf

This morning was far from unusual.

There was ice on every bit of water there could be ice on.

And frost on every bit of vegetation on the ground.

There always seems to be some surprise, with frost.

Like this dead leaf, with all its structure brought into glittering evidence.

I’d like to make it into a brooch, or fillet it, or eat it just as it is.

It would be thin and fine and crunchy, I think – a real delicacy.