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Gloves for the fox

May 18, 2013 3 comments
Foxgloves under the big oak by the house

Foxgloves under the big oak by the house

‘Foxgloves’ translated into Italian doesn’t sound very convincing.

Also the gloves apparently aren’t for the fox but for the ‘folks’ – that is, fairies.

We’ve managed to get a few foxgloves going from the seeds we brought over from Britain – not as many as I’d like, though.

I hope this will be a little patch where they keep coming.


Kepler and the hunt

November 3, 2012 5 comments

A hunter with his rifle

When the boar hunters came round last time, I wrote in my blog post for the day that I believed the main danger during a hunt is from the guns.

Anyway here is a man carrying a rifle about 100 yards away from the house.

We were alerted about the hunt this morning when the dogs had already gone out. I told my contact that we’d get our 2 older dogs in, but please to watch out for a small brown one that looks like a fox as I might not be able to catch him.

After a lot of Peek-a-boo and Can’t-catch-me, I got hold of Kepler when the hunt was already underway in the distance. The bait that was eventually successful was  a small piece of cheese.

I took the photo of the hunter from the bedroom window with all 3 dogs safely by my feet.

Fox? Dingo? Muntjac deer?

Rose hips

October 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Kepler likes nibbling blackberries and ripping shrivelled grapes off the wild vines.

In the photo, having just scrunched up a rose hip, he’s looking to see if he can reach another one. He’s a real little opportunistic fox in this respect.

Kepler looking for his next rose hip

This trio of hips was well out of his reach.

Rose hips