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Scent of magnolia

July 2, 2016 Leave a comment
The only bloom on the magnolia tree

First bloom

The scent reached me when I was in the pool today and I thought, ‘This is too strong for summer jasmine’.

Sure enough there was one half-opened flower on the magnolia tree.

Bear in mind that one tree with only a handful of blooms can perfume an entire street.

It must be one of the strongest flower fragrances there are – imagine creamy lily-of-the-valley with a twist of orange.

I love the translucent white petticoat inside the earthier outer-skirt and the way the form of the flower shines through.

Wallflower scent

May 8, 2013 2 comments
A splash of sunshine

A splash of sunshine

If the gurus of perfume manufacture haven’t used wallflowers yet, they ought to.

Wallflowers must have the sweetest, strongest, least cloying of all scents in the garden.

I suppose the connotations are unfortunate.

Imagine a new fragrance being marketed ‘scent of wallflower’. It would hardly be the most popular thing to buy for a party!

The flower isn’t shy and retiring in any of its habits, though, least of all the colours in its petals.

Vivid colours

Vivid colours

Fragrance of carnations

October 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Hard to see but highly perfumed

I’m not a great one for attractive foliage in a garden: it’s flowers that I like.

But Clive won over on one point when we were making the garden, and we planted a few bushes of a kind I’ve just discovered is called Variegated Silverberry.

There’s nothing wrong with them. They’re evergreen, easy on the eye, and don’t have prickles or anything like that.

What I keep forgetting is that at this time of year they have flowers – small white flowers hidden underneath the leaves.

Nothing there so far to make them less boring, but they also have an unbelievably strong fragrance of carnations.

You look around, wondering wherever it might be coming from, and then you realise.

Rain at last!

August 14, 2012 Leave a comment

A leaking gutter

At long last we’ve had some decent rain – not just a few drops to hiss in the dust.

In fact last night we unplugged our computers as a precaution because there was electrical activity virtually overhead.

The downpipes (partially blocked as they doubtless are) just couldn’t cope, and so denser curtains of rain were pouring down from the gutters within the already dense curtains of rain.

Water bounced up off the walkway round the house and soaked the bottom half-metre or so of the house wall changing its colour completely.

I only had to open the front door for water to fling itself in.

Everywhere smelt wonderful. Aromatic herbs were releasing their fragrance in great waves.

The grass, which has looked like straw for weeks,  is quite green this morning.