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December 19, 2015 Leave a comment

Looking through a gold frame

Clive and I often watch tv programmes about independent gold miners operating on sea beds or remote mountains. Their labour, if successful, yields a mass of gold flakes and nuggets.

The gold particles from those enterprises look just like the foliage around us at the moment: same irregular shapes, same shades of colour, same mix of dark and pale.

Looking out of a window surrounded by leaves is like looking through the gold frame of a painting.

The only question is: are we looking in or looking out?

Framing the view

May 7, 2013 Leave a comment
Wisteria arch and belvedere

Wisteria arch and belvedere

This part of the garden is my very favourite but it came together by accident.

I planted the wisteria half way up the steps in the picture imagining it would grow both upwards and downwards.

Naturally it only grew up, so to channel its ebullience when it reached the top, I made an arch for it to twine over.

The white balustrade, rather than a romantic feature, was conceived originally as a safety barrier round the roof of a water tank which should have been buried underground.

It all happened as if an artist had taken charge and was turning our mistakes to advantage.

But with the green hills and blue mountains beyond we couldn’t have gone very far wrong – everything we created made a frame for them.