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Monster log

September 15, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m calling it a monster log not so much because of its size, although it’s pretty big, but because of Kepler’s reaction to it.

This morning I heard him barking and barking at something so I went to investigate, and there was a sizeable log lying across our drive.

I guess it must have dislodged itself in the woodland above, perhaps some way up, and crashed down through the undergrowth before reaching its resting place.

No wonder Kepler was startled; he probably thought it was alive. He calmed down when I went up to it and rolled it, with some difficulty, under the strawberry tree so it wouldn’t be in the way of the car.

The log, now tucked under the strawberry tree

Just as I finished, presumably entirely by coincidence, 3 hunters came along the drive, 2 of them dressed in camouflage gear and in a car, and the third on foot. The one on foot told me they plan to hunt hares across our land tomorrow afternoon and could I therefore keep our dogs in.

I pointed Kepler out to him, asking him to please recognise him and be aware of him because it’s not always possible to get him to come in. I’m not sure he paid much attention, but he did say something interesting, which is that our neighbour (the one with the maremmano, Joules’ girlfriend) refuses to co-operate with the request to confine his dogs, saying he has nowhere to put them. Strange. Probably some form of rural politics.

Hare today

November 6, 2011 Leave a comment

It rained today which is probably good news from the hunting point of view – there’s unlikely to be any.

There was in the week though. The guy who managed a quick hunt before donning his tuxedo to attend a wedding was back again. And he did actually phone the night before, for which I was effusively grateful.

He told me that he’d be coming onto our land between 9.00 and 9.30 am. I planned to let the dogs out at 8.15 so I’d have plenty of time to get them in again.

I hadn’t let them out, therefore, by 7.15 am, which was when he turned up. He’s another one like the surveyors who can’t tell the time.

He also told us he’d be hunting wild boar, which would have meant he was quickly through and off our land.

Instead, he stuck around for 2 hours, sending his dogs through the woods and stomping all over the field.

I guess he was after hares, and I would also guess that he killed one because I heard 2 shots, one of which was followed by a scream. Hares scream when they’re caught.

Hound of the Baskervilles - a hunting dog in the orchard

I managed to get a photo of one of his dogs as it made a last pass through the orchard. Having rounded them up, he drove away.

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