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Rude awakening

March 7, 2016 Leave a comment
Still only half awake

Waking up?

I found this lizard today in a pile of dead leaves up against the edge of a concrete slab.

It was moving groggily, looking truncated and unbalanced with its stump of a tail.

I took it indoors to show Clive.

“Watch out,” he warned me. “It won’t stay groggy for long in your warm hand.”

In fact the photo shows it beginning to acquire a leery look.

But I managed to transport it without mishap back to where I found it to continue its hibernation.


A ladybird wakes from hibernation

March 27, 2013 Leave a comment
A ladybird in the axle of a clematis twig

A ladybird emerging

This ladybird had a good spot to hibernate in, tucked in the axle of a clematis stem.

It was just stirring sleepily when I saw it.

It will have felt the warmth of the sun, like the fat flower buds around it which will open soon.