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Way to go

January 1, 2016 1 comment
Path towards the wood

Path towards the wood

The photo shows a narrow path threading its way uphill.

It proceeds along the edge of a wooded precipice towards a coppice which in spring is carpeted with primroses and violets.

Every now and again I cut back the broom and brambles to clear the way through.

I’m not sure who benefits apart from me – crack-of-dawn mushroom pickers perhaps, or boar hunters if they go that way.

Once it was used by solitary, stealthy hunters who built hides and shot songbirds supposedly to impart flavour to their pigeon stew, but I hope we’ve seen the last of them near the house at least.

The path itself is a symbol for how we’re viewing this new year: a steep trudge, arduous, often devoid of waymarks or disappearing altogether, but with a clear goal at its summit. It’s a trail, also, which improves from being cleared of brambles.


Li’l Bug-Eyes

July 5, 2013 2 comments
Scourge of lizards, vanquisher of millipedes, slayer of very small moths

Scourge of lizards, vanquisher of millipedes, slayer of very small moths

It’s one of my affectionate nicknames for Galileo although mostly I call him Gally.

Yesterday he heard earthworks 300 metres away and ran away to hide. He didn’t have his bell on so I didn’t know where he was.

After 4 hours he returned, dark from the rain-drenched grass, wild with joy and relief.

His house-training’s dodgy, he chewed through the irreplaceable sound cable of Clive’s cherished keyboard, and he only has one interface with the human world – me.

I want to hold him tight but know I mustn’t.

In the fields and woods, he’s King; leader of our little pack; bristling with electric happiness.

I see you, Galileo.

Galileo waits for the rest of us

Galileo waits for the rest of us to catch up