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As red as any blood

December 24, 2015 2 comments
As red as any blood

Three red roses

I’ve got used to there being roses well into the winter, but the rose bush that produced these specimens has surpassed itself.

Its leaves have mostly gone, so the twigs are holding out red hips and red blooms like a forest of head boppers.

I wish the holly tree next door to it would take a leaf out of its book. It has six berries, all on one small branch rather hidden from view. If the birds had noticed, it wouldn’t even have those.

I wish all my visitors a JOYFUL AND PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS.

The holly bears a berry

December 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Time was when our holly tree – the most expensive tree I’ve ever bought, being already trained and shaped  – bore one solitary berry.

This year it bears quite a few – low down on one side.

Berries on the holly tree

Berries on the holly tree

I wouldn’t dream of spoiling the symmetry of the tree by cutting any branches for the house.

Christmas will have to happen partly in the garden.