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Odd yellow bead

January 18, 2016 Leave a comment
Necklace with odd yellow bead

Necklace with odd yellow bead

Not long ago I cheered myself up by making a necklace from left-over beads of all colours.

Unlike Italian womenfolk whose winter wardrobe is black, dark grey or dark brown, I prefer colour in the winter months, and what could be more colourful than these beads?

I had the numbers to go for symmetry, but I deliberately went for random. There’s a charm in randomness and asymmetry which many a stately home could have borne in mind.

The odd yellow bead loose off the thread is a yellow mistletoe berry – one of many scattered through the gravel and leaves under the big oak; the only colourful note now that frost has killed off the flowers.

They might look fun to squash underfoot, but the white goo that comes out is as sticky as chewing gum!