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Wallflower bud

March 5, 2013 5 comments
Wallflower bud with attendant insect

Wallflower bud with attendant insect

I’ve been prowling around with my x 10 magnification lens again.

It’s extraordinary how much more detail the camera picks up than the naked eye, making it a process of discovery when downloading the photo.

I wonder if the lace pattern on the petals was made by the tiny black insect at the base of the bud.

I hadn’t seen it when I took the photo!

Wallflowers are one of my favourite flowers because of the lovely mass of colour they create.

Not the least important is their scent  – possibly the strongest in the garden and absolutely heavenly.

Coltsfoot x 4

March 1, 2013 Leave a comment
Detail I'd never notice otherwise

Coltsfoot bloom

Just one coltsfoot bloom, but taken with a lens which magnifies x 4!

I’m enjoying experimenting with Clive’s present, seeing detail I never would have otherwise.

A lot of the coltsfoot blooms look a bit ragged so I chose one that wasn’t too far open.

The cheerful little sun-like faces are appearing everywhere!