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A storm coming

June 19, 2013 2 comments
White currants still on the bush

White currants still on the bush

Yesterday, taking advantage of an overcast sky rather than blazing sun to pick gooseberries and white currants, I became aware that a storm was coming.

First there was a riffle of wind and a distant grumble of thunder.

A few minutes later a flash of lightning and a loud rip of thunder.

At this point I still thought it might be a dry storm, but on the heels of another gust of wind came the first heavy drops of rain.

The rain didn’t amount to much all told, but at least I was excused watering for one evening!

Gooseberries safely in a bowl (Galileo likes to eat them)

Gooseberries safely in a bowl (Galileo eats them off the bush)


Almond blossom

March 26, 2013 Leave a comment
Almond blossom

An almond flower


It rained on and off all day today.

The orchard blossom seems to have gone on hold apart from one tree, the almond tree.

It’s the nearest to the house so I’ve watched it opening its blossom steadily.

I took this photo when the weather was better and there was only one small spray in bloom.