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Love graffiti

January 27, 2016 Leave a comment
Love under the road bridge

Love under the road bridge

I don’t ever recall seeing sweet, innocent sentiments expressed in graffiti in Britain.

Either I couldn’t read it at all, or it was angry and rebellious.

But in Italy (or this part of it) the defacers of public surfaces seem mostly to be love-struck young men (I assume they’re men).

The road bridge pier in the photo is scrawled with the words:

Amore ti amo (My love, I love you)

Above, on the road itself, is another phrase written likewise in red paint:

Ti amo tanto (I love you so much)

How does it work, I wonder? Does the lover roam around in the night, intoxicated with romance, and spray-paint his message intending for everyone to see and understand it, or is it more of a private tribute? Does his loved one appreciate it or want to drop through a hole in the ground?

Sometimes there’s the name of the intended; in the photo it’s just initials.

Sometimes the message is more descriptive: “Your eyes are like the summer sea” – tantamount to poetry.

Long may they live, I say, these written serenades on the public highways, conveying the impression that good and healthy feelings are the ones that ring out the loudest.