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August 4, 2016 Leave a comment
Pressotherapy in action

Pressotherapy in action

Here are Clive’s legs undergoing pressotherapy or mechanical lymph drainage for his Stage 5 Lymphedema.

A pump air-fills chambers in succession, creating a sort of wave motion up the leg.

The main result so far seems to be that he has to go to the bathroom multiple times in the night leaving little room for sleep.

Speedwell blue eyes

March 3, 2016 2 comments
A rare eye colour

A rare eye colour

Clive has very blue eyes which sometimes excite comment, but the rehabilitation doctor who came yesterday has eyes literally the colour of speedwell.

This was her fourth visit; now we won’t be seeing her beautiful eyes till after Easter.

The offer of a physiotherapist has been tacitly withdrawn. We don’t think it would have been relevant either, given especially how inflexible they tend to be.

Clive’s main problem at the moment is a swollen and painful left knee, due to a horrible combination of arthritis and lymphedema. The doctor suggested anti-inflammatory medicines which we were already using, and approved our infra-red lamp.

Clive continues to push forward, but it’s a difficult balance between healing and advancement.


November 9, 2015 2 comments
The drive leading away from the house

The drive leading away from the house

The photo shows our drive in November, wending away from the house.

A year ago to the day, with the help of two friends, we drove up it on our way to Britain for Clive to have treatment for his lymphedema.

He didn’t come home for more than 9 months. When he did return, almost 3 months ago, he was deposited on the sofa, unable to walk. He still can’t walk – can’t even get on his feet – and his world consists of everything he can see from that sofa.

In the next few posts, as I follow the anniversaries of those fateful few initial days, I’ll recount how it all came about.

In the wars

August 11, 2012 10 comments

The bright red infected area of Clive’s thigh

We certainly are in the wars as a family. Following on from Kepler’s eye, Clive has a lymphedema infection.

He has stage 5 lymphedema (the severest) and almost anything – an insect bite, a knock, a sore – can spark off an infection. In this case it’s his thigh that’s affected.

The local infection is accompanied by a high fever – 40 degrees Celsius last night although it’s been up to 41 degrees in the past.

He’s taken antibiotics and paracetamol and just has to sit it out. There isn’t the infrastructure here to help any further.

Thank God for the Olympics. It’s the perfect thing for him to sit in front of right now.

Lymphedema Book

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment

From the Lymphedema Clinic where he is now, Clive has just written a short book about lymphedema, and what it’s like to suffer from it. It ain’t fun; I can vouch for that.

He’s published it as a Kindle book on Amazon.

The cover shows his jeans-clad leg when he was 21, contrasted with his leg as it is now.

Lymphedema - Living with the disease