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Wallflower bud

March 5, 2013 5 comments
Wallflower bud with attendant insect

Wallflower bud with attendant insect

I’ve been prowling around with my x 10 magnification lens again.

It’s extraordinary how much more detail the camera picks up than the naked eye, making it a process of discovery when downloading the photo.

I wonder if the lace pattern on the petals was made by the tiny black insect at the base of the bud.

I hadn’t seen it when I took the photo!

Wallflowers are one of my favourite flowers because of the lovely mass of colour they create.

Not the least important is their scent  – possibly the strongest in the garden and absolutely heavenly.

Close up

February 27, 2013 1 comment
Plum tree buds just opening

Plum tree buds just opening

This is a cluster of tiny little buds on the Dragon’s Blood plum tree.

They look like hungry mouths, or toffee apples with a bite out of them.

It goes to show I haven’t got much time left for pruning.

I took the photo using one of 4 diopter lenses Clive bought me for a surprise present, which arrived by courier yesterday.

This lens has the strongest magnification, a factor of 10, and it’s brilliant.

The focussing is so precise that I’m going to need that tripod.

It wasn’t worth it this evening as dusk fell in the cold orchard.