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Talking of blue feathers …

September 30, 2016 Leave a comment
Collage of imaginary birds

Collage of imaginary birds

This is a collage I recently finished, having started it many years ago and then abandoned it.

The birds are a mosaic of pieces of windscreen glass, fragments of blue and green glass, broken blue tiles, etc.

They glitter as you move past – a bit difficult to catch in a photo.


January 12, 2016 2 comments
Mosaic and tiles covered in hailstones

Mosaic and tiles covered in hailstones

The photo shows one corner of a mosaic embedded in the tiles just outside the patio door.

There’s something wrong with it, though. Maybe there’s damp bubbling up from underneath, or someone’s dropped tapioca on it, or it’s got some kind of pox.

Or, in fact, it’s been hailing and the hailstones that landed on it are beginning to melt.

We watched the hailstorm approach across the valley as a grey sheet. When it reached us there was a brief flash of sunshine so I went looking for a rainbow. A hailbow? But there wasn’t one.

Fished out

December 18, 2015 Leave a comment
A corner of the indoor pool

Clean, empty water

This is a corner of our above-ground indoor pool where I swim in the winter.

The temperature of the water, which we don’t usually heat, averages 19 degrees C. Bearable but not luxurious!

Unlike the mosaic above, it contains no fish.

It does, however, contain other life from time to time apart from me: moths, spiders (which survive an extraordinarily long time under water), earwigs, shield bugs, wood lice, centipedes …

Nothing like the range of wildlife that ends up in the outside pool, of course, and what goes in here gets fished out pretty sharpish; I run a tight ship.

Very usefully, on two occasions I’ve found a queen hornet struggling in the water, though not for long as she was quickly put out of her misery. More convenient than having to chase her up the windows and round the back of the pictures!

Beautiful days and beautiful nights

July 24, 2013 2 comments
Sun and moon mosaic

Sun and moon mosaic

The photo shows the Lebanese marble mosaic in the middle of our patio.

Here it’s shining from the rain, but mostly it’s not very noticeable, particularly being under the table.

It’s a reminder of the twin faces of the 24-hour cycle.

There’s daytime, when the sun’s an infra-red lamp on the shoulders and tiles are too hot to walk on with bare feet.

Then there’s the warm night, silvery with moonlight, calling to some primitive spirit in you to run and run through the bushes and up the mountain.

Sometimes an owl calls, and sometimes, like last night, a nightjar’s churring drowns out the trilling of the crickets.