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Truffle substitutes

May 30, 2016 Leave a comment
This is not a truffle

This is not a truffle

Galileo is the kind of dog that hunts for truffles.

We decided not to train him because it would have meant giving him different conditions to the rest of our dogs.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t hunt, obsessively, for anything small that moves (unlike truffles).

This mouse is his handiwork, I’m sure: I found it near the car where he’d been circling, and I can’t say it gave me much of a pang because they get in the engine. One even made a nest in the Wet Wipe packet in the glove compartment.

But the big green lizard that he killed – of a type so big we call them Komodo Dragons – now that did upset me.


All the gadget you’ll ever need

October 6, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ve recently started using a pelvic floor exerciser.

Normally I use it in bed just before going to sleep, but I thought for a change I’d try using it in the time between waking up and getting up.

So, to remind me, I put it very much to hand on my bedside table.

Pelvic floor exerciser masquerading as a mobile phone

For an alarm clock we use our mobile phone, which likewise sits on my bedside table. It’s in a black case which you have to open, after which you press a tiny button with your fingernail to turn the alarm off.

This morning the alarm went off and for some reason known only to the darker recesses of my mind, I grabbed the pelvic floor exerciser and tried desperately to prise up the bit at the top which is covered with a purple label.

I tried and tried, and even passed the thing to Clive who was equally befuddled.

Then in desperation I unplugged the mobile phone charger which wasn’t attached to anything, and all the while the alarm rang and rang and I couldn’t shut it up.

In the end it turned itself off automatically, at about the same time as my mind started to function and I wailed to Clive that I’d given him the wrong thing.

This evening, after taking a photo of the pelvic floor exerciser, I put it on my mouse mat. And blow me, I started trying to use it as a mouse!

The contraption is obviously trying to be all things to all people!

Kepler and the mouse

September 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Kepler with a mouse

Kepler is the perfect hunter.

He must have seen the mouse in the flowerbed at the top of  the wall at the same time as Clive and I did.

He made his unhurried way there, and after one deft move in the dwarf rosebush, he emerged with the little creature dangling from his jaw.

I had no intention of trying to rescue it because much as my instincts are for the victim, I’d rather mice were in Kepler’s mouth than in the bonnet of our car.

Dead mouse

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I found Kepler playing with this pathetic little object.

Kepler's finding

It’s possible he killed it, but then he’s a great collector of found objects so it’s just as likely that he came across it already dead.

Anyway it’s one less to sleep inside the car engine and eat our hazelnuts.

There’s always something sad, though, about the shell where a life once was.

Computer down

February 7, 2012 1 comment

My computer went down today, big time. There was no warning: suddenly the screen resized itself, all the shortcuts on the desktop disappeared, and the mouse opened things without them actually being open.

I’m writing this on Clive’s computer while he tries to recover my files. So far he seems to have got just about everything, except my email files aren’t readable.

He may be able to make the email readable but it’s by no means guaranteed.


Desk, pool, pellets, and Damaris up a ladder

This photo was on a flash key, taken by Clive using the mobile phone. It shows my desk, the indoor swimming pool (masquerading as a bookcase), plants, stacks of pellets, and a reclining Taylor. The sinister dark shape right at the back of the room on the right is me up a ladder cleaning mould from the ceiling where the outside wall is exposed to the brunt of the wind.

Nibbled walnuts

October 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Today I found more evidence of the resident mice who built a nest in the air filter housing of our car – see Mouse on wheels.

Walnuts nibbled by mice

They’ve been biting great holes in the fallen walnuts and eating the kernels, sometimes leaving them completely hollow.

I’m getting an idea of their daily routine now.

They spend their days tucked up nice and cosy under the car bonnet or in the bubble wrap of the pool pump house then, at night, they sally forth and eat our walnuts. Or our hazelnuts (we never get any – they get them all), figs, apples, crocus bulbs …

We are a sort of grand mouse charity.

One found its way into the house, once.

We spent ages luring it into a humane trap, night after night, trying different locations and different baits, while it continued to use the back of the cupboards as a super-highway.

Eventually I heard the cage door snap shut and there it was inside, looking back at me. After leaving it a moment while I made preparations to take it right away from the house, I came back and it had gone. It had compressed its skeleton and slipped through the bars.

After that we got a traditional mouse trap which took one night to do the business.

Mice are fine so long as they don’t come into the house, or damage the car or the pool equipment. Other than that, I guess there’s room for everyone.

Mouse on wheels

September 10, 2011 3 comments

Out shopping in Valtopina, one of the ‘vigili’ (town police) threatened to put a ticket on our parked car if we didn’t move it fractionally away from a junction. At the same time he pointed out that we were losing liquid – brake fluid, he said.

The bed under the bonnet

Back home, we confirmed that it was in fact washer fluid leaking from the jets in front of one of the headlamps.

Our handy friends went in behind the headlamp and discovered, in the air filter housing, a pile of small pieces of foam and plastic. These had obviously been scuffed up directly from there, and also brought in from various other places as evidenced by nibble marks.  It was a mouse’s nest.

So that was why the dogs had been sniffing under the front of the car!

Those little perisher mice must have felt safer there than in the weep holes of the wall which is where they normally hang out – assuming it’s all the same tribe.