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Crystal beads on a silver wire

June 12, 2016 Leave a comment
Jewellery across the angle of a lantern

Jewellery across the angle of a lantern

Rain, sun, rain, sun and finally a fierce thunderstorm.

In a dry interval, I prowled around looking for appealing effects.

This cobweb strung with a few jewels of water could be a simple and delicate necklace of crystal beads on a silver wire.

Odd yellow bead

January 18, 2016 Leave a comment
Necklace with odd yellow bead

Necklace with odd yellow bead

Not long ago I cheered myself up by making a necklace from left-over beads of all colours.

Unlike Italian womenfolk whose winter wardrobe is black, dark grey or dark brown, I prefer colour in the winter months, and what could be more colourful than these beads?

I had the numbers to go for symmetry, but I deliberately went for random. There’s a charm in randomness and asymmetry which many a stately home could have borne in mind.

The odd yellow bead loose off the thread is a yellow mistletoe berry – one of many scattered through the gravel and leaves under the big oak; the only colourful note now that frost has killed off the flowers.

They might look fun to squash underfoot, but the white goo that comes out is as sticky as chewing gum!

Bead plate

November 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Old plate with a pattern of beads

The photo shows an old, cracked-glaze dinner plate decorated with beads.

The beads were stuck on with a competent glue, but every so often one falls off and I have to find the gap and stick it back.

The beads are from multiple different sources:  broken necklaces, bracelets too small for me, childhood presents, trades I did at school, the hoards of grandmothers and great aunts, rewards for challenges completed at Guide Camp …

A lot of the beads evoke memories.

The design is abstract, but there are flowers in there and a map of India (quite by chance; it was supposed to be a wisteria bloom). I enjoy looking at it both close up and at a distance.

I like to think it was a good use of my stray beads.

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I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award, with my grateful thanks to Eunice at Living and Lovin to whom this post is especially dedicated.

Please see the page Blogging Awards for my answers to 5 questions and the list of my nominees to receive the award.

Popper beads

August 27, 2012 2 comments

Italians despise cheap plastic jewellery, apparently, preferring a discreet touch of gold at neck or wrist.

That’s not my style, however.

3 popper bead necklaces

The three colours of oval-shaped popper beads that come from my childhood, plus the compatible round white ones which I acquired later, make the most versatile and good-tempered necklaces I possess.

There’s no catch to struggle with. There’s no join to keep in position, for symmetry’s sake, at the nape of the neck.

They split open and refasten at any point. It’s a moment’s pleasant work to change the length, colours or pattern.

The combinations in the photo are the ones I use most frequently and they’ve cheered up many an outfit.