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Patience of Job

February 8, 2016 Leave a comment
Help-meets on my desk

Help-meets on my desk

A week ago we were promised that tomorrow Clive would be given a bed and a hoist to help him get away from the sofa where he’s lain now for almost six months.

This morning, seeing as we hadn’t heard anything, I phoned the technician who made the promise.

“Ah. I had it in mind to phone you. It won’t be this week, but maybe next. I’ll phone you tomorrow with a new date.”

I don’t know what a statue of Job would look like, but my Buddha paperweight exudes an air of calm and my ‘worry sheep’ offers its compressible body to be squeezed in moments of frustration.

A few things are rooting for us.



March 28, 2013 1 comment
A small clump of celandines

A small clump of celandines

I came across this clump of celandines today.

The flowers were fully open despite the fact that it was raining about an hour later. They’d be pretty useless as a weather-glass!

I was reminded of one of my favourite paperweights.

I don’t remember where it came from, but it would have been made by pouring acrylic resin in layers so as to trap the flowers.

I’d love to do that, except that paperweights are going out in a paperless society!

A very pretty paperweight, slightly faded

A very pretty paperweight, slightly faded

My desk

January 16, 2012 1 comment

My cluttered desk

I’m sure most people have strange, unlikely objects on their desk. This is a photo of mine – entirely unrehearsed – and a list of some of the weirder items:

  • a tin of polish for leather boots
  • a jar of tiger balm
  • red antiseptic liquid for dogs
  • a box of anti-itch tablets for dogs (what inspired the blog)
  • a stack of little cups for dispensing medicines
  • 2 surgical gloves
  • a silver butterfly letter holder
  • a Buddha paperweight
  • a kilogram weight
  • 4 jars of pens and pencils
  • a small antler from a deer
  • 3 porcupine quills
  • a flower brooch of blue cloth with artificial dew drops on it
  • a camera battery charger
  • a staple remover
  • a silver box with earphones in it
  • 2 boxes and 1 tub of chewing gum
  • a roll of fruit polos
  • a container of ‘Tums’ indigestion tablets
  • half an acorn

It’s a wonder there’s room for my monitor, keyboard and coffee cup.

What does anyone else have on their desk?