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Meanwhile back at the ranch …

December 2, 2016 Leave a comment
Peach tree nearly bare

Peach tree nearly bare

Our new internet service has finally got going.

The connection appeared last night, Thursday, at 8.20 pm when it should have been live on Monday if not before.

The photo of the peach tree was taken on Monday, with fewer leaves on the tree and more on the ground than my previous post.

Now there are no leaves on the tree at all.

Sunshine from the window

November 24, 2016 2 comments
Golden-leaved peach tree

Golden-leaved peach tree

From the window I can see this peach tree with its foot in a puddle of gold.

I love it when the sun catches odd things and illuminates them.

This is probably my last post until our new 4G internet system is live.

Fruit salad

November 15, 2016 Leave a comment
Macedonia of leaves

Macedonia of leaves

The leaves under the peach tree make me think for some reason of a fruit salad.

Maybe it’s more of a mixed fruit and vegetable salad.

Peach tree spider

September 15, 2016 Leave a comment
A peachy spot

A peachy spot

Going out to pick peaches in the dark, I was rewarded by finding a perfect spider’s web stretched across the space in the middle of the tree.

I must have dazzled the poor spider with my torch and camera flash, but it didn’t even stir. Just waited, patiently.

Late peaches

September 4, 2016 6 comments
Peach tree with props for its laden branches

Peach tree with props for its laden branches

The peaches on this tree always ripen late in the season.

When I say ripen, I mean that they change colour and the whole tree gives off a delicious perfume.

But they stay fairly hard, and are really best for cooking in some guise or other.

As soon as we’ve finished with the pears, grapes and almonds, I’ll pick them.

Off the grid

April 9, 2013 2 comments
Off the grid

Off the grid

We have two peach trees which suddenly appeared as tiny saplings out of the soil of our newly planted orchard.

They derived from the scrappy old orchard that was there before.

The 43 trees that we’d just planted in a grid were about a metre tall, while these saplings grew up virtually from ground level.

Now they’re beginning to catch up.

Last year, weight for weight, they probably produced nearly as many peaches as the 2 grid ones, except that the ‘rogue’ fruit is very small – sweet but small.

This year, goodness knows, because their blossom is a lot more abundant.

It’s hard to believe how different the blossom can be between 2 species of peach tree.

On the grid

On the grid

Small peaches from small trees

September 10, 2012 Leave a comment

In order to create the orchard, we dug up a piece of olive grove in which there were young olive trees, mostly not thriving.

Scarcely noticeable in the tangle of old fence, vine and long grass, were a few spindly fruit tree saplings – apple, plum, peach and cherry.

We proceeded to plant our orchard in the customary grid fashion, and for a while all seemed in good order.

Then a couple of years after the digging over and manuring of the ground, 3 tiny fruit trees appeared in total disregard of our careful spacing: 2 peach trees and a cherry tree.

One of the little peach trees

The cherry tree had its first cherries this year (total number: 2), while the peach trees have bushed out and are each bearing a good crop.

The peaches on these ‘regrowth’ trees are small but perfectly formed like the plants on which they grow. They are sweet, yellow-fleshed, quite hard, and keep well. If you don’t feel like munching into a great big dripping peach from one of the regular trees, then one  from the little urchin trees is just the job.

A small part of the crop from the 2 little trees

There are far too many to eat raw. So far we’ve peeled them, cut them up, part-stewed them and frozen them unsweetened ready to use at a future date.