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Pink buds

February 20, 2016 Leave a comment
Peach tree buds

Peach buds

The peach and nectarine trees are the first to show colour in their buds this year.

It’s come all of a sudden, nearly a month early.

They look so delicious – some of them like pink cupcakes, or strawberry ice creams, or those tiny biscuits called Iced Gems which we used to have as children.

It signals spraying time, though!


Almond blossom

March 26, 2013 Leave a comment
Almond blossom

An almond flower


It rained on and off all day today.

The orchard blossom seems to have gone on hold apart from one tree, the almond tree.

It’s the nearest to the house so I’ve watched it opening its blossom steadily.

I took this photo when the weather was better and there was only one small spray in bloom.


March 11, 2013 1 comment
Raindrop by a nectarine bud

Raindrop by a nectarine bud

This photo illustrates well the dilemma which exists this time of year.

The fruit trees should be sprayed with a mix of insecticide and fungicide at what’s called ‘pink bud’ time.

However the buds develop and show their colour (pink or white, depending on the kind of tree) right through a period when there’s almost constant wind and rain and no spraying can be done.

Once the flowers open it’s too late: the insecticide, as well as killing larvae of harmful insects, would decimate the bees and ruin chances of pollination.

Here a raindrop hangs from a nectarine twig where a bud is showing a pink tip.

Apple blossom with bee

April 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Bee visiting apple blossom

I took this photo looking into the evening sun. There weren’t many bees about but this one was quite obliging.

The apple tree it’s visiting doesn’t form part of the ‘grid’ of the orchard. It’s what could be termed a ‘native’ in the sense that it was already there when we arrived, and sprouted again after the drive was widened.

I love the pink buds of apple blossom. They aren’t prominent in the photo because the bee is frequenting mature flowers, naturally.