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Puppy love

April 6, 2016 Leave a comment
Best of friends

Best of friends

Galileo isn’t a puppy any more – he’s three and a half. But he sure does act like one.

He and Florence have a wonderful time.

Tiptoeing through the tulips

March 25, 2016 Leave a comment
Galileo and Florence

Galileo and Florence

Well, not tulips. But Galileo and Florence are getting on fine.

Here they head together towards the lid of the buried GPL tank.

It’s a big wide world for her and she seems glad of a guide.

Working it out

March 23, 2016 Leave a comment
We will not be moved

We will not be moved

Galileo, nonchalant on his habitual perch of the pool steps, stands his ground while Florence tries hard to supplant him.

We reckon these two will be really good friends, but so far Taylor is more remote. She’ll grow up to be about Taylor’s size, though.

Meet Florence

March 21, 2016 4 comments
A direct gaze

A direct gaze

Florence is our new puppy, who arrived last night.

She was found in a cardboard box, along with her brothers and sisters, in a region of the South of Italy where a lot of puppies are abandoned.

Her two black brothers haven’t been adopted yet. Apparently black dogs are always the last to go.

Over the weekend she made a huge tour of Italy as different puppies from the Association were dropped off at their new homes.

Despite her long journey, she was alert and inquisitive as well as outgoing and friendly.

She’s a little unsure about our other dogs (or they are about her) but she’s beginning to knock along with Galileo. She may well be the boss!

She’s jet black, like a black bear cub, with black eyes as well.

I remarked to Clive last night: “How will I know when she closes her eyes?” But I did know!

A happy puppy

May 1, 2013 2 comments
So many places to explore!

So many places to explore!

Just because he trembles  when strangers come to the house and is on tranquillisers to help him cope, it doesn’t mean that Galileo is having a miserable time.

He’s brimming with joy in these 2 photos.

Basically he’s a happy puppy, who loves life, and it’s the strangers who are out of place!

Nearly taking off with those ears!

Nearly taking off with those ears

Parvovirus and Coccidiosis

January 23, 2013 2 comments
Galileo will be a shadow of his former self

Galileo will be a shadow of his former self

It would seem that poor little Galileo has both of these.

The first is a virus, obviously, which young puppies are protected against first by their mother’s antibodies, then by the vaccine which Galileo should have had between the age of one and two months.

The second is a parasite, which he would have ingested before he came to us as there is a 13 day incubation period.

He’s basically a very sick puppy.

The vet has said that we can rule out the possibility of heart failure from the fatal strain of parvovirus, but there’s still the possibility of the coccidiosis causing neurological problems so he’s not out of danger.

He’s not eating, apparently, which is very unlike him. He’s normally so hungry that he gobbles his food frenetically.

He can’t come home till he eats. The vet estimates he’ll have to stay with them another couple of days.


January 19, 2013 Leave a comment
Galileo under my desk. I try always to keep an eye on him.

Galileo under my desk. I try always to keep an eye on him.

This term basically means ‘eating one’s own stools’ and I’m afraid that Galileo does it.

Apparently it’s very common in puppies of his age – we’ve experienced it with other dogs – and it  usually resolves itself.

It can represent an attempt at cleanliness on the part of the puppy, or it can derive from dietary deficiency.

The best way of dealing with it is to remove  the stools immediately.

With the cold and the lack of a fence, Galileo isn’t playing outside very much. He’s identified our bathrooms as the place indoors where evacuation of the bowels should occur, but to clean up  before he does means being on perpetual, nerve-wracking vigil since he goes frequently and at no particular stage of the proceedings.

He’s also had a tummy upset since the day after he arrived, probably due to a change of diet and general environment – and it doesn’t help!

I’ve read that adding pineapple to food makes the stools unpalatable, but we’ve just been to the supermarket and I didn’t know so that experiment will have to wait.

I have to be careful with Galileo at certain stages (and not let him lick me) but I can take this sort of thing in my stride. I wish I could say the same about other areas of my life!