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Violets are blue, rivers are green

March 31, 2013 Leave a comment
Violets with the river in the background

Violets with the river in the background

Snatching our moment between showers and storms, we went down to the River Topino, which runs through the valley below our house.

The river was a swollen torrent of opaque, greenish water.

Clive spent his time considering how he would work out the flow rate using Pooh sticks.

I walked along the bank with Galileo and found violets growing in great expanses round the boles of the poplar trees.

It was a strange contrast: the turbulence of the current and the sweet-scented delicacy of the flowers.



February 6, 2013 Leave a comment
Water crashing into the ditch

Water from the pipe crashing into the ditch

Standing outside the house with Galileo today I wondered what it was I could hear.

It sounded like a rushing river, or it might have been one of our neighbour’s many vehicles.

I was a bit worried that it might be caused by an enormous leak.

Then I connected it to the sound of the melted snow which has been tinkling in the downpipes ever since the sun came out.

It would be snowmelt running off the mountains!

And so it proved when I went the 300-odd metres to investigate.

The culvert pipe under the drive was discharging into the wooded ditch at the end of our land at a tremendous rate, sending the water crashing through the undergrowth into the rocky bed which is dry most of the year.