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New contrast

August 4, 2016 Leave a comment
The ladder is taller than it looks

The ladder is taller than it looks

Atop a ladder on top of the roof, Giovanni applies white paint onto the off-white so as to create a contrast with the new magnolia.

The round window in the gable end of this so-called dovecot is false, as are the little holes for the doves to go in (not visible in the photo).

Framing the view

May 7, 2013 Leave a comment
Wisteria arch and belvedere

Wisteria arch and belvedere

This part of the garden is my very favourite but it came together by accident.

I planted the wisteria half way up the steps in the picture imagining it would grow both upwards and downwards.

Naturally it only grew up, so to channel its ebullience when it reached the top, I made an arch for it to twine over.

The white balustrade, rather than a romantic feature, was conceived originally as a safety barrier round the roof of a water tank which should have been buried underground.

It all happened as if an artist had taken charge and was turning our mistakes to advantage.

But with the green hills and blue mountains beyond we couldn’t have gone very far wrong – everything we created made a frame for them.

A happy accident

July 28, 2012 1 comment

The mirador

This is the mirador, alias the roof of the blue elephant house, a feature which was created by accident or, if you prefer, by serendipity.

It floats above the olive grove and opposite the bulk of the mountains like the crow’s nest of a ship. You aren’t aware it’s attached to the ground.

It receives the morning sun long before anything else that side of the house.

It would be the perfect place for a romantic proposal.

This is the second blooming of the roses. They’re a little smaller and a little paler than the first time round but still make a contrast to the white balustrade.