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Blue sky and dappled shade

January 30, 2013 2 comments

After the rain it seems hard to believe that the sky can be this colour, with not a cloud in sight.

Blue sky above our roof

Blue sky over the roof

We sat outside for lunch today, and Galileo got in some serious exploring.

Galileo camouflaged in the patchy shade

Galileo camouflaged in the dappled shade


September 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Summer might never end

The four o-clock flowers in the photo, taken just a couple of days ago, are enjoying late summer weather. They’re open because the morning shade is still covering them.

On the right side of the window

Today, the plants are being lashed by wind and rain. Their flowers are as tightly closed as if they were wilting, which they certainly aren’t.

Some time back I rescued a tiny four o’clock seedling when I was relocating a cactus, and on a whim I planted it in a pot and put it on the windowsill where it’s grown quite tall.

Today it was far more fortunate than its beefy siblings because it got to look out at the rain and wind from a nice warm room.