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Queen Anne’s Lace

July 25, 2013 5 comments
Note 'blood drop', in fact an attraction for insects

Note ‘blood drop’, in fact an attraction for insects

Queen Anne’s Lace is one of those lovely vague poetic names which can actually refer to more than one species of plant – in this case either cow parsley or wild carrot.

The photos here are of wild carrot, which has more compact flower heads and also a little red flower in the middle which is supposed to be Queen Anne’s blood from when she pricked her finger.



However it was cow parsley which I had in mind when I wrote my novel Queen Anne’s Lace and featured the plant in a pivotal scene. I also meant the title to be a comment on the complexities of family relationships.



A spider scuttling for shelter

A spider scuttling for shelter

It was windy yesterday when I went to photograph the wild carrot blooms and the intricacies became a blur so I brought a couple of stalks indoors.

Almost immediately a very attractive spider dropped out from under one of the flower heads, raced across the work surface then, finding a precipitous drop, followed its silk all the way back to the flower!

Underneath of a bloom



June 2, 2013 6 comments
Handsome flowers and handsome dog

Striking a pose

Poppies are one of the only ‘weeds’ which I positively encourage in the garden.

I was preparing to photograph a clump with the light on them when I realised that Taylor had obligingly provided a white background.

But after the rain it was red on red – shining rubies on delicate silk.

Red raindrops

Red raindrops