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Take one healthy dog …

December 30, 2016 Leave a comment
Florence in rude health

Florence in rude health

We did our duty today and had Florence sterilised.

Having evaded the op on Wednesday, this time she had no escape because two of us got her in the car.

She’s very sleepy this evening, and wearing an Elizabethan collar plus one of Clive’s old shirts made to (sort of) fit by being tied in multiple little peaks with string.

I prefer to think of her sitting in the orchard.


A new puppy!

January 12, 2013 8 comments
A sleepy puppy

A sleepy puppy

Let it never be said that Clive and I aren’t decisive!

This was the first puppy we saw – brought to the house by the lad who raised him – and we decided he was the one for us.

He’s male when we were advised to have a female, and he’s small when we normally prefer big dogs.

Apparently he’s a cross between a cocker spaniel and a ‘lagotto’ or lake dog, an Italian breed which retrieves from water. He certainly has cocker spaniel ears.

He seems extremely well-adjusted, forming an attachment to both Clive and me instantly.

He would like to make friends with Joules and follows him around, but Joules is still a bit unsure.

He’s at least 3 and a half months of age and quite bold, but obviously used to sleeping on top of people rather than on his own!