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March 16, 2016 Leave a comment
An important rose

An important rose

I’ve just had a second bitterly cold session pruning the rose that arches over the steps and I still haven’t finished.

I’m hoping to achieve something like the glory in the photo.

None of the roses were pruned last year because I wasn’t there. This one in particular needs a lot of care and attention.

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Nowhere much to go

March 2, 2016 Leave a comment
Nowhere to go

Wisteria in bloom

The photograph shows the wisteria in April 2014.

Since then it’s extended onto the structure to the right, and also flowed into the arms of a rambling rose which forms an archway over some steps below.

I’ve never pruned it before.

The first job was to cut down the hefty lowest arch of the rose bower so that going down the steps isn’t so challenging – a sad task because it had so many healthy shoots on it.

Then, tomorrow or sometime, I’ll have to follow the snaking stems of the wisteria with my eye so as not to cut off something too vital.

Apart from being tangled and intertwined, the wisteria is rather too big for its location. With a plant like this, you could cover a whole house!

He swam!

June 4, 2013 3 comments
Balancing on the rim of the pond

Balancing on the rim of the pond

Today was the first time I’ve braved swimming in the outside pool since the middle of May.

As usual, Galileo came to the top of the outside steps to peek at me.

After taking off his bell, I lifted him gently into the water.

There was a bit of panic-stricken scrabbling (with scratches on my chest and arms to prove it) and then, in a flurry of splashes, he was doggy-paddling on his own.

He made for the side, obviously wanting to get out, so I lifted him back onto the outside steps.

But the important thing was – he swam!

I hope we can find him a more suitable place and that it will help to build his confidence.

In the meantime he balances on the edge of any water he can find and fishes out stones and dead leaves with his mouth.

He also dips his head and blows bubbles in his drinking water!

There's water in here somewhere

There’s water in here somewhere

Framing the view

May 7, 2013 Leave a comment
Wisteria arch and belvedere

Wisteria arch and belvedere

This part of the garden is my very favourite but it came together by accident.

I planted the wisteria half way up the steps in the picture imagining it would grow both upwards and downwards.

Naturally it only grew up, so to channel its ebullience when it reached the top, I made an arch for it to twine over.

The white balustrade, rather than a romantic feature, was conceived originally as a safety barrier round the roof of a water tank which should have been buried underground.

It all happened as if an artist had taken charge and was turning our mistakes to advantage.

But with the green hills and blue mountains beyond we couldn’t have gone very far wrong – everything we created made a frame for them.

The rim of the pool

March 9, 2013 1 comment
Roman atmosphere

Roman atmosphere

The rim of the indoor swimming pool was, until yesterday, occupied by the’ wedding cake’ inside steps of the outdoor pool, laid on their side.

But yesterday the steps were carried up to the new shed.

They weren’t put in the shed because they would have filled it; instead they were hidden behind it.

By complete serendipity, about half an hour before we moved the steps, the dustmen came by and complained their vehicle was bashing our tree and would we prune it. We were able to use the steps for this purpose on their way to the shed – perfect!

To reward myself for all this planning and labour, I put two terracotta pots on the rim of the pool to complement the marble fish mosaic.

Now we have a Roman bath!

Rose arch

September 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Plenty of head height

Our Tunisian gardener is back from his home country and helping us to get straight before the winter.

There’s one job I was very pleased to see get done.

Where a rose arches over some steps, the branches had drooped so that you had to duck in order not to scrape your head on the thorns when going down.

He trimmed back the lowest elements, then lifted, supported and tied a strong major branch to form the structure of the arch at a good height for all reasonably-sized human beings.

At last it’s a breeze to go down the steps.

There was also a nice spin-off because some roses had to be cut and are now gracing the kitchen table.

Casualties from raising the arch

The steps

January 4, 2012 1 comment

Clive had another bathe in the pool today, and despite the slightly higher temperature of the water, found it just as cold as before.

He was the whole day getting warm again.

Since the pool pump has been going much more often, plus condensation on windows has lasted longer, I took the thermostat back down 2 degrees. I might as well.

The steps in their raw state

I spent some of the day plotting how to cover the steps.

The honeycomb structure visible on the risers is a challenge seeing as I don’t have the skill to plaster over it. At the moment I’m thinking of gluing on ceramic tiles.

We may order some grippy black rubber which would deal with the treads.

For the sides, I fancy embedding stones in mortar so as to simulate a mini stone wall, but Clive doesn’t think I’d be able to pull it off.

We shall see.