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Which way does the wind blow?

October 16, 2016 Leave a comment
One side soaked

One side soaked

After the recent storm there was no need to ask which way the wind had been blowing.

It was perfectly evident from the coloration of this sinuous oak trunk by the house.


Opening to the storm

July 25, 2016 Leave a comment
Before the storm

Just as the storm began

These so-called four o’clock flowers hadn’t opened even though it was about seven o’clock.

But when fierce winds brought in torrential rain, they spread their petals wide.

Moonlight and roses

May 19, 2016 Leave a comment
Roses at a happier moment

Roses at a happier moment

Rain and roses, or thunder and roses more like: a storm is passing overhead this very moment and will doubtless break the stem of some of these blooms.

But there was moonlight last night, as well as a deafening shrill of crickets.

La Befana in the clouds

January 6, 2016 Leave a comment
Cloud effect before a hailstorm

Cloud effect before today’s hailstorm

A storm brewing over the valley; maybe whirling in its midst is La Befana, the Italian Christmas Witch who visits at Epiphany.

She’ll be departing now, having done her rounds of leaving sweets and presents.

I came across an elemental description of her by the Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli:-

Viene, viene la Befana
Vien dai monti a notte fonda
Come è stanca! la circonda
Neve e gelo e tramontana!
Viene, viene la Befana

This is my English translation:-

Here she comes, the Christmas crone
From mountains in the dead of night
How tired she is! she’s wrapped up tight
In snow and frost and all wind-blown!
Here she comes, the Christmas crone

After the rain

July 21, 2013 2 comments
Rain drops on roses

Rain drops on roses

Yesterday we had a storm which left everywhere smelling wonderful.

The roses were hung with row upon row of water drops.

And the pears were covered with pear drops!

Pear drops

Pear drops

A storm coming

June 19, 2013 2 comments
White currants still on the bush

White currants still on the bush

Yesterday, taking advantage of an overcast sky rather than blazing sun to pick gooseberries and white currants, I became aware that a storm was coming.

First there was a riffle of wind and a distant grumble of thunder.

A few minutes later a flash of lightning and a loud rip of thunder.

At this point I still thought it might be a dry storm, but on the heels of another gust of wind came the first heavy drops of rain.

The rain didn’t amount to much all told, but at least I was excused watering for one evening!

Gooseberries safely in a bowl (Galileo likes to eat them)

Gooseberries safely in a bowl (Galileo eats them off the bush)

Violets are blue, rivers are green

March 31, 2013 Leave a comment
Violets with the river in the background

Violets with the river in the background

Snatching our moment between showers and storms, we went down to the River Topino, which runs through the valley below our house.

The river was a swollen torrent of opaque, greenish water.

Clive spent his time considering how he would work out the flow rate using Pooh sticks.

I walked along the bank with Galileo and found violets growing in great expanses round the boles of the poplar trees.

It was a strange contrast: the turbulence of the current and the sweet-scented delicacy of the flowers.