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Shrinking Galileo

November 18, 2015 Leave a comment
Galileo balancing on the rim of the pond

Galileo balancing on the edge of the pond

By ‘shrinking’ I don’t mean making him any smaller. He’s already small enough. What I mean is – trying to understand him.

He’s the most rumbustious, daring, energetic little dynamo you could possibly imagine. I saw him today racing through the long grass of the olive grove and thought he was a rabbit running away from himself!

He adores water, and now has to seek solace in the pond having been barred from the top of the pool tarpaulin.

He play-fights constantly with Taylor who’s 3 times his size and no push-over.

He jumps up on the sofa next to Clive and even seems to enjoy Clive’s teasing.

He sleeps beside me at night and I wake up most mornings to find him tangled in my legs.

So far he sounds like a well-balanced, affectionate dog.

HOWEVER he’s terrified of ALL strangers and has been since Day One. He hides when they arrive and doesn’t emerge till they’ve gone.

AND he’s developed a new trait. He often refuses to go outside unless I go with him, which can lead to accidents in the house.

It’s nice to be wanted, though …

A happy puppy

May 1, 2013 2 comments
So many places to explore!

So many places to explore!

Just because he trembles  when strangers come to the house and is on tranquillisers to help him cope, it doesn’t mean that Galileo is having a miserable time.

He’s brimming with joy in these 2 photos.

Basically he’s a happy puppy, who loves life, and it’s the strangers who are out of place!

Nearly taking off with those ears!

Nearly taking off with those ears