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Novelty hair-slide

October 3, 2016 2 comments
Praying mantis on my thumb

Praying mantis on my thumb

I rescued this praying mantis twice from the swimming pool and then, as they’re possibly my favourite insects, took it indoors to show Clive.

He’d just taken this photo of it on my thumb when the phone rang and there wasn’t time to put the creature down properly.

While I talked, it climbed up my arm, onto my shoulder and into my hair, where it clung like a novelty hair-slide.

When I’d finished the call I took it outside, used my reflection in the window as a mirror so I could see to entice it onto my hand again, then released it to patrol around the window embrasure.


August 31, 2016 Leave a comment
A grasshopper, safe for now

A grasshopper, safe for now

These days when I empty the skimmer basket of the swimming pool, my wail of anguish can be heard:


They’re lovely creatures and I hate to find them drowned.

They’re also frustrating because if you rescue one, it seems to do its utmost to jump back in the water.

This insect, hidden in a crack of the front door, is actually a grasshopper, distinguishable by its short antennae.

Cooling off

July 20, 2016 Leave a comment
Blurred image of Galileo in the pool

Blurred image of Galileo in the pool

This blurred photo is of Galileo on the top step in the swimming pool.

He dips himself several times a day in this heat but somehow I never have the camera handy to catch him doing it.

Till now, that is, when dusk was falling and I was some distance away.

He really is the picture of a water-loving dog – mouth open, tongue hanging out, eyes closed in ecstasy.

When he gets out he ships a load of water with him like a scruffy sponge.

Summer chore

May 28, 2016 Leave a comment
Giovanni, down between the brick pillars of the lights, applying teak oil

Giovanni applying teak oil

It was one of the first real days of summer.

After another attack on the broom in the further reaches of the olive grove, Giovanni applied teak oil to the sides of the swimming pool.

Grubby little spaniel

May 25, 2016 Leave a comment
Not what you want on the arm of your sofa

Not what you want on the arm of your sofa

Galileo goes in and out of water all day.

He has four places to choose from: two ponds, the basin where the spring comes out, and now the swimming pool, where he crouches down on top of the inside steps.

I reckon his last visit can’t have been to the swimming pool because he’d probably have been a bit cleaner.

He’s impossible to keep off the sofa, and he circumvents any protective coverings we put there.

His last bastion is the sofa arm.

Too much water, too little water

May 20, 2016 Leave a comment
So full it's almost an infinity pool

Almost an infinity pool

It’s rained almost non-stop now for two days.

The ground squelches underfoot.

Yesterday a thin line of water oozed under the seal of the kitchen window.

The water level in the swimming pool, high to start with in order to prime the pump, rose so high I had to empty some out.

The top of the GPL tank, which is situated so that it acts like a sump, needed bailing out – I filled nine buckets.

So in all this super-abundance of water, the taps run dry – twice: last night and again this morning.

According to the Water Company technician, an actuator needs replacing.


Familiar view

May 17, 2016 Leave a comment
Familiar view

Familiar view

I don’t normally notice this view.

It would greet anyone arriving by car but not swooping round to the house.

All I tend to see are landmarks and activity in progress:

  • the flowerbed I’ve been weeding
  • the grass Giovanni has just strimmed
  • the new manure pile fenced in with pallets
  • the little ‘house’ round the mains water
  • the bench made from a railway sleeper
  • the two hoses trailing across to fill the swimming pool which we uncovered today!