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Bonny Umbria

July 20, 2013 3 comments
Emblem of Scotland in Umbria

Emblem of Scotland in Umbria

A few Scottish-type thistles like this one stand bold by the edge of the olive grove.

They’re way taller than I am: I had to look up to take the photo.

I wouldn’t want too many of them because they can rather dominate.

But they do look splendid against a backdrop of ancient, rounded blue mountains.

To mow a meadow

April 29, 2013 2 comments
A patch of grass in the orchard

A patch of grass in the orchard

I love the orchard grass before its first cut.

It’s so full of gem-like flowers, and even thistles are still tender and innocuous.

Chokri has already strimmed round each tree but left the grass in between, which is important so that the anemone in the middle of the photo, for example, can set its seed.

But it’s just about time to cut it all down, before the act of strimming becomes too strenuous.

I always find myself mourning a little, but the next growth isn’t long coming through.