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Water control

February 14, 2016 Leave a comment
Jewels of water

Jewels of water

The rainstorm today brought forth water everywhere: seeping in a lake under the front door, cascading from the blocked gutters, creeping in through the one little window we had open …

When it finally stopped and I thought I would do a tour of inspection, I had only to put an ear out the door to hear, three hundred yards away, the thunder of water pouring from the pipe under the road into the little rocky stream that normally has virtually nothing in it. The ravine at the foot of our land was loud with waterfalls as well.

The water tank into which our spring is channelled was overflowing, but instead of the water going down the roof tiles I’ve put there for it, it had invented its own course and was flowing in a merry torrent all the way down the bank. So I moved the top tiles to collect the start of the stream, connected them on to the original channel, then cleaned out the dead leaves in the rest of the run. It was one of those instances when something works and you go away quickly so as not to see when it stops.

I love predictable, controlled sounds of water. Also very small amounts of water – like the drops in the photo.



December 14, 2015 Leave a comment
Slow progress

Slow progress

This is the Topino river, after which our town Valtopina is named.

Topino actually means ‘little mouse’ but today, watching its gentle meandering, all that came to mind was the word ‘torpor’.

I recognise Torpor. I meet it practically every day when endeavouring to stir the Italian Health System into meaningful activity. They’ve had 4 months (minus 5 days) in which to help a man who can neither stand nor walk, and they’ve achieved precisely nothing.

The Topino is a flashy river. Sometimes it brims over its banks, churning and gobbling in an opaque brown torrent.

I’m not holding out for that kind of activity; just forward movement of some kind …

Violets are blue, rivers are green

March 31, 2013 Leave a comment
Violets with the river in the background

Violets with the river in the background

Snatching our moment between showers and storms, we went down to the River Topino, which runs through the valley below our house.

The river was a swollen torrent of opaque, greenish water.

Clive spent his time considering how he would work out the flow rate using Pooh sticks.

I walked along the bank with Galileo and found violets growing in great expanses round the boles of the poplar trees.

It was a strange contrast: the turbulence of the current and the sweet-scented delicacy of the flowers.