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Looking forward

January 24, 2013 2 comments

After hearing that Galileo still wasn’t eating, we went to pay him a brief visit this evening at the vet’s.

He was all eyes, locking his gaze onto mine and seeming to want to swallow me up.

Apparently, according to the vet’s father, he has eaten a bit of what looked like chicken-based baby food in a little jar.

The vet was out on a call so his father rang him on the mobile. Apparently it was coccidiosis that Galileo had, and not parvovirus at all, which is good news.

It does mean, though, that he is still unprotected from parvovirus, so as soon as he’s properly better he will need to be vaccinated.

I hope we can collect him tomorrow evening.

I’m so looking forward to the spring and summer with him. These anemones, which bloom right through the winter, are a reminder that spring will eventually come!

Anemones blooming in the middle of winter

Anemones blooming in the middle of winter