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Snow in summer

April 23, 2013 1 comment
White streaks on the pink

White streaks on the pink

It’s not quite summer and it’s not quite snow, but it’s white where it shouldn’t be.

Chokri has been doing repairs to the outside of the house including the surrounds of the windows, which are painted ivory white as opposed to the muted pink of the walls generally.

The painter who did the original work left us scarcely any ivory white paint and it got used up.

As the repairs seemed very minor – just filling the odd hole and crack – I thought we could cover them up with the paint we used for the stairwell and upstairs corridor because it happens to be exactly the right colour.

However Chokri got carried away and painted the whole of two window surrounds rather than just the bits of repair.

The rain has washed this non-waterfast paint down onto the pink paint, in long streaks.

I’ve tidied it up as best I can so it’s not too obvious in the photo, but when we get more rain it will all be to do again.



February 1, 2013 Leave a comment
Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Not heating our indoor swimming pool, and wearing a wetsuit instead, has had one significant benefit.

No mould has formed at the top of the wall and edge of the ceiling where it used to.

Leastways it hasn’t appeared yet, and I don’t think it can be a co-incidence.

Cleaning the mould off the walls with a product which (inevitably) contains bleach, causes the pink paint to fade in blotches and long drip runs. I’d in fact been considering painting the walls partly white because of it.

But now I don’t need to!

Pink doesn’t get a good press. Television programmes about how to sell your house betray a pathological horror of pink décor. Paint it white! Make it neutral!

Someone else will have to do that deed for our huge, cosy room, where the pink matches the curtains, sets off the pictures and the dark red stove, and reminds me of summer roses!

Star spider

October 22, 2012 Leave a comment

An almost perfect star

Today as I opened the patio door I just happened to see this extraordinary spider on the wall.

I wonder if it always lays its legs out  in a star.

I also wonder why some legs are shorter than others. Do they break off? Or wear down? Does it nibble them when it gets nervous? Or was it just born assymetrical?

Let there be light

October 12, 2012 Leave a comment

How many does it take …?

This is a photo of our electrician (also a plumber) drilling a hole to fix up the lantern which blew off in the high wind last December. His wife is there to help him.

We’d been wondering whether we needed to get a new lantern, but he was confident he could glue the back-plate together again.

In the end he ignored the back-plate and fastened the lantern directly to the wall.

It was amusing to see how many pairs of eyes were watching the operation!

Kepler and the mouse

September 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Kepler with a mouse

Kepler is the perfect hunter.

He must have seen the mouse in the flowerbed at the top of  the wall at the same time as Clive and I did.

He made his unhurried way there, and after one deft move in the dwarf rosebush, he emerged with the little creature dangling from his jaw.

I had no intention of trying to rescue it because much as my instincts are for the victim, I’d rather mice were in Kepler’s mouth than in the bonnet of our car.

Felled wood

March 8, 2012 1 comment

The wood after the cutting of the trees

Until very recently, there was a tall wood beyond the wall which marks the edge of our land. Now it’s been cut for firewood. A tree has been left standing every so often – by law it’s supposed to be every 10 metres – but otherwise everything has been razed to the ground.

When I went up to see the situation today, I was struck by 2 things: one was that some of the logs had been piled on our side of the wall, and the other was that huge quantities of twigs had been dumped on our land as well.

Although it was lunchtime, I found 2 woodcutters busily at work a bit lower down.

I hailed one but he was Albanian and spoke very little Italian. His companion was also Albanian but spoke much better Italian and we were able to communicate.

He told me that someone would be coming to check the boundary later on, and he agreed to throw the unwanted twigs back over the wall onto their side.

As an afterthought, I got him to phone my mobile back in the house so as to lodge his number there, just in case.

It’s so sad to see mature woodland reduced to such a state, and it’s set to get worse as work progresses to areas more ‘in our eye’, but forests here are a commodity like everything else the land produces.