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Pure as the driven snow

January 27, 2013 3 comments
Taylor today, after his shampoo

Taylor today, after his shampoo


Yesterday I saw a deer run up the hill. Taylor ran after it, though not in a serious attempt to catch it.

When he returned, there was evidence he’d been distracted by something far more interesting.

Its dung.

He’d coated himself liberally in the dark, gamey-smelling substance.

I had to strip off and take him into the shower.

His collar was covered and once this was removed, there was nothing to get hold of him by. Fortunately, if I use nice warm water and talk gently to him, he’s quite compliant. In fact he just stood there, looking slightly pained, while I was able to wash him using both hands.

Better still, he waited for me to towel dry him before shaking himself!

Working round the stove

November 12, 2012 Leave a comment

The worst thing about our stove cutting out is that when the indoor swimming pool asks it for heat, none is forthcoming but the pump still comes on to circulate non-existent warm water.

This isn’t so bad during the day when you can do a manual over-ride and turn the pump off, but it would be possible for the pump to churn away pointlessly all night without the water reaching temperature and switching itself off.

Obviously coping with the monotonous regularity of stove alarms is a great deal less stressful when the pool isn’t involved.

Add to this the fact that possibly half of our consumption of wood pellets goes on heating the pool as opposed to heating the room.

So we aren’t heating the pool.

And yes, I do swim in it, even though the water temperature is a chilly 19oC

….. because I’m wearing a wetsuit!

My wetsuit

It’s not a full wetsuit – the arms and legs are short – but when your trunk’s warm, the rest of you’s warm. In fact I feel warmer than when the water was heated to 25oC.