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Snow in summer

April 23, 2013 1 comment
White streaks on the pink

White streaks on the pink

It’s not quite summer and it’s not quite snow, but it’s white where it shouldn’t be.

Chokri has been doing repairs to the outside of the house including the surrounds of the windows, which are painted ivory white as opposed to the muted pink of the walls generally.

The painter who did the original work left us scarcely any ivory white paint and it got used up.

As the repairs seemed very minor – just filling the odd hole and crack – I thought we could cover them up with the paint we used for the stairwell and upstairs corridor because it happens to be exactly the right colour.

However Chokri got carried away and painted the whole of two window surrounds rather than just the bits of repair.

The rain has washed this non-waterfast paint down onto the pink paint, in long streaks.

I’ve tidied it up as best I can so it’s not too obvious in the photo, but when we get more rain it will all be to do again.

Pure as the driven snow

January 27, 2013 3 comments
Taylor today, after his shampoo

Taylor today, after his shampoo


Yesterday I saw a deer run up the hill. Taylor ran after it, though not in a serious attempt to catch it.

When he returned, there was evidence he’d been distracted by something far more interesting.

Its dung.

He’d coated himself liberally in the dark, gamey-smelling substance.

I had to strip off and take him into the shower.

His collar was covered and once this was removed, there was nothing to get hold of him by. Fortunately, if I use nice warm water and talk gently to him, he’s quite compliant. In fact he just stood there, looking slightly pained, while I was able to wash him using both hands.

Better still, he waited for me to towel dry him before shaking himself!

The Italian woman’s burden

September 28, 2012 10 comments

Angela’s been telling me about a ritual practised by Italian women. It’s called the ‘Cambio di Stagione’ which means ‘Change of Season’ and it basically consists of moving over from the summer wardrobe to the winter wardrobe or vice versa.

To a British woman who might wear tracksuit bottoms equally on a summer’s evening and a winter’s day, and who often builds up warmth in layers, this seems unduly rigid.

Fur coat I’ve inherited but never worn

And it is rigid. Colourful summer clothes have to be washed, ironed and packed away, possibly into suitcases if there isn’t enough wardrobe space, and dark winter clothes brought out. It usually takes place over a single hectic weekend.

It’s not only the clothes, but also shoes, boots, belts, scarves, jewellery – all accessorised and matched so that they belong with either one season or the other.

There’s even a set day – Saint Lucy’s Day, 13th December – after which furs can be worn.

It makes me think of the adage of whether one eats to live, or lives to eat. For the most part I wear clothes in order to be warm, decent and a little bit colourful and not much else!